Sub-chronic Oral Toxicity Evaluation of Anti-ectoparasitic Formulation Comprising Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil and Jatropha Curcas Fixed Oil in Mice


  • Shewit Gebre Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Mekbeb Afework Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Asfaw Debella Traditional and modern medicine research directorate, Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Eyasu Makonnen Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Eucalyptus globulus, anti-ectoparasite, livestock, sub-chronic toxicity, mice


The primary concern of this study was to evaluate sub-chronic toxicity effects of Eucalyptus globulus based anti-ectoparasitic formulation after oral administration. Eighteen mice, six animals for each of the two treatment doses and for the control group were used. Two treatment doses of the formulation 1.25% and 3.75% ml/kg body weight were used. Animals were observed for any mortality and signs of toxicity for two hours daily following administration. Weight was measured initially at the beginning of dosing and every seventh day throughout the study period. Blood samples were collected following anesthetization for the hematological and biochemical analyses. Liver and kidney were excised following scarification for gross and histopathological studies at the end of 3 months consecutive administration. No death was recorded and insignificant body weight changes were documented. Besides, insignificant biochemical, hematological and pathological changes were observed. However, liver and kidneys of animals treated with dose of 3.75% ml/kg showed minor mononuclear leukocytic infiltrations around portal areas and tubulointerstitial leukocytic infiltrations. sub-chronic toxicity study results revealed that the formulation does not produce apparent toxic effects. However, further toxicological investigation is needed to strengthen this finding.


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